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Autel have teamed up with Autodata to offer the all new DS708 Pro with a great value online Autodata package.

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Simply enter your unique serial number that is located on the back of your DS708 Pro to receive this great addition to your workshop.

Your Autel Autodata package will give you access to the following information for 12 months.

  • Manual Service Reset Procedures
  • Component Location
  • Technical Data

You will also gain access to Autodata’s entire system for 14 days, free of charge, with the ability to upgrade to this enhanced platform at any time.

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Autel UK/EU is committed to the innovation, product reliability and quality customer service, aiming to deliver superior diagnostic products to satisfy the needs of our end-users.
Established in 1975, Autodata is Europe’s leading publisher and supplier of technical information to the automotive aftermarket through printed and electronic media.